Seng BouAddheka

If on this Earth There Are Angels

Book coverMs Seng BouAddheka has been a good friend of CCC since its inception. Her courage and determination in the face of disability have been an inspiration and the sacrificial service  she has given her people has demonstrated how Cambodians with sufficient motivation can change their country without relying on hand-outs from outside their country.

Now Addheka has published the story of her life. She recounts how as a child disabled by polio she was surrounded by full and half siblings. Then comes a tragic and moving account of her experiences as a teenager during the Pol Pot regime, when she lost her parents and most of the rest of her family to disease, starvation and execution. Finally, Addheka describes her struggle to help contribute to the rebuilding her country’s infrastructure, her battles against prejudice, the story of the formation of the Khmer School of Language and the life-transforming work of her Aid Projects of Mercy.

Addheka’s autobiography not only relates the story of a courageous woman’s triumph over many forms of adversity but is also infused with a narrative of her spiritual journey culminating in her discovery of the God of the Bible.

If on this Earth There Are Angels is available for purchase from Amazon and other retailers.