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Her Testimony Lives On

In September 2023, the Cambodian Communities out of Crisis team met two elderly widows living in Phnom Penh. One was looking after her grandchildren while their parents were working in another country. The other was on her own. Both had to endure poor living conditions, and one had had her rent increased following the landlord’s repair of a leaking roof. We were happy to start providing a monthly grant to each to supplement their meagre incomes. Both ladies were Christians and members of a church that meets near their homes.

After less than a month, one of these dear ladies died. We were honoured to attend her funeral and help towards its cost. We discovered that when she had become a Christian, she had been rejected, abused and abandoned by her husband and family. She had insisted that she must be given a Christian funeral, and a son- or daughter-in-law persuaded the rest of the family that her wishes must be respected. However, her children refused to allow the body to rest in their home overnight or to arrange the funeral.

Thus, it was left to the lady’s church to organise and pay for everything. However, the family did attend, and they were moved by the love that the lady’s brothers and sisters in Christ were showing to their beloved sister, and they remarked on how the church worked together to do everything in a respectful way.

This widow’s life was not easy. She had few worldly possessions, and she experienced the heartache of rejection by those whom she loved. But she was resolute in her commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and it was our privilege to express His love and the love of His people for her in a small way in the last month of her life.

We continue to support the other widow that we met, and have found another lady living nearby that we can assist as well.

Widow supported by CCC

The surviving widow that CCC supports

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Programme Activities in 2021-2022

  1. Education development: English classes, Monday to Friday, 5:30-8 pm
  2. Children’s Bible study club, Saturday, 5:30-7 pm
  3. Sunday school at home church, Sunday, 8-9 am
  4. Home church worship fellowship, Sunday, 9-10:30 am
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The Cambodian Herald

The latest edition of our newsletter, Issue 20 of the Cambodian Herald, is available to view here or download.

In this issue:

  • the impact of Covid-19 on Cambodia and how CCC helped one affected village;
  • some of the people we have given hope and encouragement to through small grants;
  • church in the café;
  • our involvement with a young man who is using his love of football to provide an alternative to drugs and crime;
  • support of school students.
Cambodian Herald Issue 20

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Playing football

Football Keeps Youngsters Away from Drugs and Crime

Some years ago, while still a student, Pov Phearun began to be increasingly concerned about the destructive influence of drug pushers and criminal gangs on the young people of his village community to the south-east of Phnom Penh. Being an enthusiastic football player (and supporter of Manchester City), Phearun decided to set up a football team for the boys who lived in the village. Using his own money for equipment and training pitch hire, he built up the team steadily, training and motivating the players, enrolling the team in a local league and running evening classes in basic English and computer studies for the team members and their friends. As a keen Christian, Phearun shared his faith with the youngsters. Some trusted in Jesus as Lord and Saviour and found in Him a source of strength to resist the temptations of drugs and crime.

When Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings and travel came in, everything ground to a halt. Phearun suffered a personal tragedy and felt like giving up and moving to a different area. In spite of this, he waited and held on to the faithfulness of God until it was possible to start afresh in late 2021. Now Cambodia for Christ Sports Ministry has three football teams: one for under-17 boys, one for under-15 boys and one for girls.

Cambodian Communities out of Crisis is helping Phearun with the cost of hiring a field for practice in 2022 and we are linking him with sponsors in the UK who can help with providing kit and equipment. If you would like to support Phearun and the teams financially or in any other way we should love to hear from you.

Praying for disabled man

CCC Team Encourages Disabled Widower

A team led by CCC Country Director Huot Chanthoeun recently travelled to Kampot province to encourage a disabled widower and his children.

The team laid hands on and prayed for the family and presented them with a love gift from CCC (supplemented by gifts from team members). This has been used to purchase chickens with the aim of selling eggs to supplement the family’s income.

CCC is exploring ways of helping the family to become self-sufficient.