Who's Who: The People Who Run CCC

CCC is governed by a Council made up of men and women committed to Jesus Christ and to the nation and people of Cambodia. Members of the Council are:

Austin, Russel, Myers, Ross and Julian are trustees of CCC.

No Council member receives any payment for his or her services.

Russel Bowyer

Russel is the Chairman of CCC. He is also the founder of Highway Ministries, which encourages Christian believers in Eastern Europe

Myers Cooper

Myers is the Director of Cambodian Communities out of Crisis and also functions as Administrator and Treasurer. He has previously served as Honorary Representative in Cambodia and Chairman of the Council. He worked in Cambodia between 1991 and 1995 and has since made numerous visits to the country.

Ross Rennie

Ross founded CCC in 1994. He is also the director of Grace Missions.

In Cambodia

Huot Chanthoeun serves as CCC's Mission Co-ordinator.

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