Thank You for Helping Us!

Extracts from letters from Cambodian students thanking you for helping to sponsor their studies

Mr S writes...

Bachelor of Laws certificate

Bachelor of Laws certificate awarded to Mr S

It's been a great blessing from God that a lot of low-educated Cambodians (like me), have hope to receive more knowledge and skills through your support, to build up their nation and serve churches here.

I would like to say that the work of God will be done a lot through your organisation and the Lord Jesus Christ will bless you more and more. Other than that He will multiply this blessing through those whom you have been helping.

Day to day I praise Jesus with the work of his hand through you. Some people think of being great by becoming top leaders or putting themselves in high positions, so that others can see. But they are desiring the rewards of this world which will be rusty and destroyed. Jesus has spoken to me that you all are great people in his kingdom, for you have done great things, raising up those who are hopeless, unaccepted in the society, poor in wisdom and abilities, to have life and survive with knowing that Jesus is wonderful, great, full of love and grace.

On receiving his degree, Mr S added…

All of us [his family] are committed disciples of Jesus, and are taking His Words seriously daily. Anyway, by looking at what I currently have, I truly appreciate and value your support for me. It has meant a lot and I can see that that meaning will never stop! May you all know that I have been thanking them every day.

Mr M writes (on hearing of the success of his application for a grant)...

I would like to say thank you so much for your kindness. I am very happy to hear your kindly news. Everything becomes bright for me from then. It is making me hopeful in my life and it seems to encourage me to fight with all difficult things that happened with me and my family. It is gratefully and I promise that I will be good student, hard working student and also good son for God and my mother.

Mr S and Mrs P write...

Thanks for your kindness and generosity to help our nation and many students have the opportunity to develop knowledge.

Mrs S writes...

MBus certificate

MBus certificate awarded to Mrs S

I would like to express my acknowledgement and gratitude that I am now having completely my MBus programme with successful. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to CCC and all the resource persons working for CCC. Without your support I could never finish my degree. I am now proud of myself very much and very very happy for the result that I have achieved. I would like to share my happy to CCC.

Mrs V writes...

We would like to thank you for supporting. That is a very kind gift that came from all the people in your church in England for our church and myself. Even though the cost very expensive or cheap that you still open your heart and paid for our church. This is not from your power. It is from only true of our God. Look at my studying if I try to learn on my own power, I will only fail. If I try to learn by depend on him, I will grow up. And our church had made the present for your church.

I enclose my letter may God bless you and your church, and give your life to eternal. And we will meet you and your church at the heaven with God forever next time. And thank you very big for your supporting. We hoped that you will continue supporting our more by the power of God.

Pastor C writes...

Thank you again for your support of these two young men. As you may know, S(1) is teaching several English classes at our school and S(2) is one of my right-hand young men in the church. He is a great Bible teacher and preacher and is developing as a pastor and disciple-maker. He is very responsible.

One of the young men you have been investing in for so many years is MS. MS has been a faithful member of our church and ... I've seen him increase in spirit and knowledge. MS has become a key person in our ministry in Cambodia, not only in the area of teaching English to others and in translation, but in preaching the Gospel and making disciples. I want to thank you sincerely for your years of investment in MS by paying for him to study at ACE. It has profited him personally and the church in Cambodia. MS is always keen to take what he has learned and pass it on to others.

Mr S writes...

My wife and I are committed to attend classes regularly because we don't want to waste the money of the sponsors. As a result of my studies I have been out of the country to Thailand and my office will send me to a workshop at Hong Kong because my English has improved.

Another Mr S writes...

Since I have finished my BA, in name of my family I would like to say thank you very much to everybody that support my study until successful especially you and your organisation. I wish God will bring you and everybody with happiness and healthy. Now I am seeking for some job. Thank with high respect.

We can do more!

Such letters as these are moving and humbling. But with your help many more young people could rise out of poverty and help transform their country.

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