Why Cambodian Communities out of Crisis Exists
and What We Aim To Accomplish

Cambodian Communities out of Crisis (CCC) is a British organisation founded in 1994, which became established as a Registered Charity (number 1062205) in 1997. Its affairs are directed by a Council, consisting of trustees and ordinary members. Council members are listed in our Annual Report. CCC is a Christian organisation, seeking to support the growing Christian church in Cambodia, but also aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to people of all religions in that country.

CCC's Purpose

  • To act as a channel for the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Cambodia. It seeks to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.
  • To help bring about a transformation in Cambodia summed up by CCC's motto: From Killing Fields to Living Fields.

CCC's Vision

  • To see a flourishing, mature, autonomous, united Christian Church functioning throughout Cambodia.
  • To see a reduction in poverty and sickness and steadily improving standards of education amongst all sectors of the Cambodian population.

CCC's Aims

  • To provide increasing numbers of Cambodian children and young people with affordable education.
  • To raise funds to establish Timothy College. This institution will offer courses in subject areas that are appropriate to the needs of Cambodia as it develops and rebuilds itself, open to students of any religion or none, but conducted with a Christian ethos.
  • To facilitate unity and growth in the Cambodian church.
  • To support initiatives to train and equip indigenous church leaders, workers and members.
  • To relieve sickness, poverty and suffering amongst the poor in Cambodia.

CCC's Approach

  • CCC respects the autonomy and integrity of the national church and functions as a servant of the church.
  • CCC does not wish to duplicate the work of or compete with any other development agency or Christian mission operating in Cambodia.
  • CCC does not send personnel to work in Cambodia. It raises funds to provide good-quality education for those unable to afford it and to improve the standard of nutrition of children from poor families.
  • CCC provides grants to individuals, churches or indigenous organisations in Cambodia, depending on its partners in the country, both national church leaders and expatriates, to ensure that these grants are employed with integrity and accountability.
  • As a support agency based outside Cambodia, CCC does not qualify for membership of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia (EFC). However CCC supports the aims of the EFC and adheres to the EFC's Code of Conduct for Church Work in Cambodia.

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