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Children of Cambodia

Children being served lunch

We urgently need sponsors for our Children of Cambodia project.

For just £7 a week or £30 a month you could ensure that a child whose family struggles to make ends meet can go to school, receive a nourishing meal each school day, and gain an opportunity to escape from the poverty in which he or she has grown up.

Read more about the children and how we are helping them.


School and college fees in Cambodia are increasing and it is becoming harder and harder for us to keep up the payments that will ensure that students whom we are sponsoring can complete their courses. We believe it is vital for these young people to finish their education and not give up because of a lack of money to pay their fees. A regular gift from you of £10 a week would keep a student in college for a year.

Read more about our educational sponsorship programme.

They Need Our Help

We all know about rising prices, the faltering economy and the spectre of unemployment. Many of us are having to be more careful about how we use our money. But compared to most people in Cambodia we are still very well-off. Could you help one of the dump kids or one of the young people we are sending to school or college, even if it means sacrificing a luxury item or putting off buying something that is not an urgent need?

Even if you cannot afford the amounts shown above, the smallest donation, regular or one-off, will make a difference to someone's life. Please go to our Giving page to find out how you can make a donation or contact us for more information.

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