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About Cambodia

About Cambodian Communities out of Crisis

More than four decades of turmoil
Cambodia's recent history
Cambodia's holocaust
How a quarter of Cambodia's population died in four years
The legacy
Why Cambodia needs our help today
The grain of wheat that died
The rapid growth of the Christian church in Cambodia following its virtual extinction
Facts and figures
Evidence that Cambodia remains one of the world's poorest countries
Where to go for more information on Cambodia
Herd of water buffalo

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Some of the photographs used at this site were kindly supplied by Nigel Goddard.

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What's the point?
Why CCC exists and what we aim to accomplish
From Killing Fields to Living Fields
Why we chose our motto
The story of CCC
How we came into existence in 1994 and how we have developed since then
Who's who in CCC
The people who run our charity
Where the money goes
Read about the projects that CCC supports in Cambodia
Children of Cambodia
CCC's project to provide education for children from poor families
New hope for young Cambodians
How CCC is helping restore to a generation the education that Pol Pot wanted to steal from his country
Thank you!
Some letters from Cambodian students thanking you for helping to sponsor their studies
Timothy College
CCC's vision for a Christian college
Get involved with CCC
How you can make a valuable contribution to CCC's work in Cambodia
Please pray!
Suggestions on how you can pray for Cambodia and CCC's work there
News from Cambodia and CCC
Latest news items and the contents of our newsletter, the Cambodian Herald
Giving to CCC
Methods you can use to give money to the work of CCC
Reporting back
Our latest annual report
Contact us
How to get in touch with CCC by email, telephone or post
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