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Almost Married off at 16, Now She Needs Our Help to Study for a Degree

The leaders of the Living Hope in Christ Church in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, have brought to our attention the need of a young woman (whom we shall call TS) for help in going to university. This is her story.

TS is 19 years old and has five brothers and sisters, but she is the only one who has a strong commitment to study and the only Christian in her family. At the age of 16 her parents urged her to marry a young man and go with him to work in Thailand. TS attended a teaching session at which a pastor warned children and young people about the dangers facing Cambodian migrant workers. TS refused to marry and to emigrate, and as a result her mother has not spoken to her since. She left home and went to live in a church building in Baray, Kampong Thom province, where her father visited her and brought her food. She has been helping to run the church’s Sunday school.

TS has completed high school and has secured a place at the University of Commercial Law. She has saved $150 (£125) towards the fees but her father is unable to contribute anything. The fees are $480 (£400) per year for four years and the first year’s fee must be paid by 19 November.

The Associate Pastor of the Living Hope in Christ Church describes TS thus: “She has a strong commitment to serve Christ and she completely trusts the unfailing love of our mighty God.”

If the Holy Spirit leads you to help support the education of TS you can do so through Cambodian Communities out of Crisis. You can make a donation online by PayPal or through Stewardship or the Charities Aid Foundation, or send a sterling cheque to us at 32 Springfield Way, Shrewsbury, SY2 6LW. Please contact us if you would like to send a regular gift by standing order or would like to increase the value of your gift by 25% through Gift Aid.

Bachelor of Laws Degree Awarded

Degree certificate
Mr MS’s degree certificate

The first CCC-sponsored student to study law has been awarded his degree.

CCC started supporting the education of Mr MS in 2003, initially helping him to attain a good standard in the English language. He was then ready to embark on a law degree course delivered in English. For seven years MS has persevered in part-time study while working as a freelance translator to support his family. More recently he has been employed by an international non-governmental organisation working to end sex trafficking in Cambodia.

As MS neared the end of his course, the university made various changes to its procedures making it harder for students in the faculty of laws to pass, prolonging the course for MS and other students. Finally, the school was forced to organise a final exit-exam and score the completed theses from students whose work they previously did not accept (or was regarded as ‘out of date’).

Mr MS wrote:

CCC started supporting me when I was single, about ten years ago. Now there are four of us. While Daddy is joining in the upfront army fighting against the social injustice of Modern Child Sex Slavery and Mommy is working as an accountant head for million-dollar projects of an NGO, our children are receiving one of the best educations in an International School in Cambodia.

He added:

Moreover, all of us are committed disciples of Jesus, and are taking His Words seriously daily. Anyway, by looking at what I currently have, I truly appreciate and value [my sponsors’] support for me. It has meant a lot and I can see that that meaning will never stop! May you all know that I have been thanking them every day.

MS graduated on 18 March 2014 and will receive his degree at an award ceremony in June.