What Can I Do for Cambodia?

Shopping Online

There is an easy way for you to help raise funds for Cambodian Communities out of Crisis — simply by shopping online.

Easyfundraising logoJoin easyfundraising and you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online. It won't cost you a penny extra. You can make a big difference on everything from groceries to getaways.

When you shop the easyfundraising way at any one of over 3,000 shops and sites they give us a commission for your purchase. The commission may only be a few pence, so is it worth it? Lots of supporters making lots of purchases each generating a small commission will soon add up to a substantial amount that can make a real difference to someone's life in Cambodia.

So register today and remember: before you shop online, go to easyfundraising first.


One of the strengths of Cambodian Communities out of Crisis is the fact that it has no staff. This means that no money is spent on salaries and offices. But this can also be a weakness: there is a limit to what the Council members can do to promote CCC and raise funds for CCC's work in Cambodia.

Could you, a supporter of CCC, help us? With a little imagination and inspiration, could you come up with a fundraising idea that you could get involved in? We should like to avoid gambling, so no raffles or poker games please, but otherwise the sky's the limit! Speaking of which, how about a sponsored parachute jump? Skydiver Sponsored activities are often successful in getting friends, relatives and work colleagues to make a contribution. Walks, bike rides, marathons, slims, fasts, head-shaves, baked bean baths... the list is endless. Or do you have a skill or talent you could use: knitting teddies, crochet, cake baking, recording a CD of music you sing or play? Do you enjoy offering hospitality? Invite friends or church members to a coffee morning or wine and cheese evening in aid of CCC. "Spare any change?" Do you always find your purse or pocket bulging with too many coins? If you put spare change in a money box or a jam jar it will soon mount up. When the box or jar is full, pay the cash into your bank account and send the equivalent amount to CCC.


eBay for Charity logo And what about that stuff in the garage or loft you keep meaning to clear out? A boot or garage sale could generate useful funds for CCC. eBay for Charity is an easy way to support charities such as CCC while buying and selling on eBay. Buyers can bid on eBay for Charity items knowing that they are helping a worthy cause and sellers can donate a percentage of their sales to certified charities, of which CCC is one.

Shop now for eBay items that will benefit CCC.


Do you care about the people of Cambodia? If you are reading this, the answer is probably 'Yes'!

But what about your friends, relatives and work colleagues? Some of them might be interested in becoming supporters of CCC if they had some information.

If you belong to a church, home group or club in the UK, and you think that other members would like to hear about Cambodia and CCC, please contact us to arrange a visit and audio-visual presentation.


See our Prayer page for suggestions of how you can pray for Cambodia.

Or how about forming a group that could pray together for Cambodia once a month? Please contact us if you would like some help with this. We can tell CCC supporters in your area about your plans.


Go to our Giving page to find the most suitable way for you to support CCC financially.

Get Involved

Whatever your age, whatever your abilities, there is bound to be something you could do for Cambodia.

How about it?

Going to Cambodia

We do not send personnel to work in Cambodia and we do not organise short-term mission trips there. We are sorry that we cannot arrange a placement or visit for you.

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