The Cambodian Herald

The Cambodian Herald

The latest edition of our newsletter, Issue 18 of the Cambodian Herald is available for download.

In this issue:

  • Immanuel: God with Us
  • Children of Cambodia
    • The Dump Kids: A Success Story
    • Why Are You Crying, Little Girl?
    • Poor Families Helping Themselves
  • What They Can Achieve with Your Help
    • PA to the Director
    • Effortorious Maximus
    • ‘I Love My New School’
    • A Women of Faith
    • Ten Years’ Study Rewarded
    • Keep Her Alive, Keep Her Safe
  • Sharing Our Vision
  • “How Can I Support CCC?”

Please contact us if you would to receive a printed copy of this issue or go on our mailing list.

The members of the Council of Cambodian Communities out of Crisis send our warmest good wishes at this Christmas season to all our friends and supporters.

We thank all those who have kindly given to our work in the past year and those who helped make it possible for some of us to visit Cambodia in October.

We wish you peace and joy as you celebrate the birth of the Baby at Bethlehem, who was and is Immanuel: God with us.

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