Please Pray

Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing."

Cambodia: church and nation

Pray for the continued growth, maturity, outreach and zeal of the Cambodian church. Pray for expatriate Christian workers, that they will give the church appropriate training and support.

Pray for a good relationship to be maintained between the church and the government.

Pray for the king of Cambodia, King Norodom Sihamoni.

Pray for the Prime Minister and all in national and local government, that they may lead Cambodia in righteousness and justice.

Pray that Cambodia may be rid of drug abuse, human trafficking, child prostitution and other social ills.

Pray for an improvement in the standard of living of the rural poor.

Building in palace grounds

Student sponsorship

Pray for the children being sponsored by CCC to attend school.

Pray for funds to meet our sponsorship commitments for 2019.

Timothy College and Business Institute

Ask the Lord to link us with people with appropriate gifts and experience who can help us carry through the project.

Pray that the Lord would provide all the resources that we shall need, including funding, a site for construction and personnel to staff the college.

Ask the Lord to lead CCC to His chosen plot of land, provide the funds needed to purchase it and lead us through the process of purchasing it and investing ownership in the Cambodian church.

Pray that the whole enterprise, and the long-term work of the college, will be led by the Holy Spirit and will bring glory to God.

Artist's impression of Timothy College

Children of Cambodia

Please pray for the current 15 children whom we are sending to school.

Give thanks that some children who were formerly part of this project no longer need our help because their families' standard of living has improved.

Pray for sufficient funds to continue and expand this project.

Pray for the children's parents who struggle to earn enough to provide for their families.

Pray for Pastor Sokunthea and his wife who manage this project.

Children eating

CCC Council and Staff

Pray for God’s protection of Council members.

Ask the Lord to guide the Council in making decisions.

Pray for new, younger Council members to join us who are full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom and committed to Cambodia.

Give thanks for unity within the Council.

Pray that our Country Director, Ms Huot Chanthoeun, may be granted God's blessing, protection and wisdom.