Our Projects

The Projects We Support

CCC's purpose is to act as a channel for the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Cambodia. We do not run our own projects in Cambodia or anywhere else; we channel resources from outside Cambodia to churches, organisations and individuals whom we can trust to use them honestly and wisely.

What are these resources used for?

Awana Cambodia

Awana Cambodia aims to establish discipleship groups for children and young people all over Cambodia. We are raising funds to help with the training of group leaders and the production of resource materials.


We are involved in the sponsorship of children at schools in Cambodia. We have previously sponsored several students at colleges and universities.

Timothy College and Business Institute

We are very excited about working with the Cambodian church to establish a college and business institute.

Previously Supported Projects

CCC has been making grants to projects in Cambodia since 1994. Sometimes the amounts have been small but the fruit has been significant.

Dump Kids/Children of Cambodia

From 2008 to 2018 we helped children who formerly scavenged on a rubbish dump to go to school and receive a cooked lunch each day. As the project progressed, the children's families were able to find alternative sources of income, enjoy a higher standard of living and make better provision for their children.

In CCC's early days we...

  • supported the School of Practical Ministry Cambodia, which trains pastors of indigenous, non-denominational churches;
  • sponsored trainees at the Khmer School of Sewing;
  • paid for a music teacher to work with the Cambodian Christian Arts Ministry;
  • helped meet the costs of a school building;
  • paid for computer equipment used by the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia;
  • made a small contribution to the cost of purchasing a building for the Theological Education by Extension Association of Cambodia;
  • donated toys to a pre-school;
  • supported the Help for the Poor Orphanage just outside Phnom Penh, caring for 27 children.
Computer equipment

Computer equipment purchased by the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia using a grant from CCC


CCC employs a Country Director in Cambodia, but no other staff. A volunteer provides some administrative support for CCC in Cambodia. As one of the Cambodian students whose education we have sponsored, she offers her services free of charge as a way of giving thanks to God and to our donors for the qualifications she has been able to achieve. Council members and volunteers carry out administration and fundraising in the United Kingdom.