CCC Council Visit to Cambodia Achieves Goals

With just two full days left of the visit to Cambodia by CCC Council members Ross Rennie, Myers Cooper, Austin Allkins and Russ Bowyer, the team give thanks and praise to God for His hand upon the trip.

  • After being delayed and diverted, the team and their luggage arrived safely in Cambodia.
  • Council members had opportunities to preach, give testimonies and pray for the sick in a Cambodian church.
  • The team visited and evaluated the Dump Kids project, strengthening CCC’s relationship with the pastor and his wife who manage the project and getting to know some of the children who are being educated, one of whom is top of her class.
  • Austin and Russ, who had not visited Cambodia before, were able to discover something of the nation’s tragic history under the Khmer Rouge regime, see the living conditions of the poor and enjoy the hospitality of a Cambodian family.
  • Ross and Myers renewed, and Austin and Russ forged, relationships with Cambodian Christians and church leaders.
  • The team established a connection with an organisation working to rescue, rehabilitate and provide training and employment for victims of sex trafficking.
  • Several of the students whose studies at university or college CCC had sponsored expressed their appreciation for the education they had received. One young woman from a poor family is now the personal assistant to the head of one of the largest non-governmental organisations working in Cambodia.
  • One member of the team received healing from persistent diarrhoea and vomiting.

The team request prayer for their remaining engagements and their homeward journeys: Ross, Austin and Russel on 23/24 October and Myers on 29/30 October.

CCC Council Visit to Cambodia Begins

On Friday 10 October CCC Council members Ross Rennie, Myers Cooper, Austin Allkins and Russ Bowyer fly from London to Phnom Penh for a two-week visit to Cambodia.

In July, we requested prayer for:

  1. sufficient funds to pay all expenses of the visit;
  2. practical preparations: vaccinations, insurance, etc;
  3. protection from any enemy activity that would disrupt the trip;
  4. discernment of the Lord’s objectives for the visit.

The Lord has graciously answered these prayers and the team are excitedly waiting to see what He will do during their trip. Please continue to pray for points 3 and 4, also for:

  • good health, safety and travel arrangements;
  • unity in the team;
  • wise assessment of CCC-funded projects;
  • discernment of the Lord’s future leading of CCC;
  • opportunities to share the good news with, pray for and bless the people we meet.

Forty Years Ago: Part 6

In the year leading up to the fortieth anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge on 17 April 1975 we are publishing extracts from the newsletters produced by Cambodia for Christ.

Newsletter 6, October 1974

After four years of guerrilla warfare the Khmer have learned to carry on regardless of restrictions, shortages and many basic necessities being unobtainable. The inevitable inconveniences are accepted, life must go on. There has been an increase in political activity recently, and news reports of renewed bombing, but few details to include in this letter. Marshal Lon Nol, President of the Khmer Republic, made a public call for peace on 9th July. No prior conditions before talking together were asked from the Khmer Rouge, the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong from South Vietnam. Mr. Dean, the USA Ambassador in Phnom Penh, is working for a peaceful solution to the war.

The war has had its effects on schooling, as many French teachers and lecturers left the country when bombing increased earlier this year. The building programme has had to be curtailed due to supplies being needed for other projects and a slowing down of materials reaching the capital due to hazards along the Mekong River.

The Lord continues to bless Church growth. One missionary writes that church groups are beginning in many homes, the pattern in Acts is being reproduced, with spontaneous growth of fellowships primarily in the homes of new Christians. These new believers radiate their love for Christ.

Our prayers are requested for the establishing of a Church at Battambang after the meetings held by Ravi Zacharias in July. Many attended but few have carried on who professed faith in Christ. On this same theme we as the body of Christ are urged to pray much for the young converts in this land, that they may be kept during a period of confusion for them with numerous groups now coming to Cambodia. With so many Christians being untrained babes in Christ, it is difficult for them to determine who is genuine and who is not. Training sessions are being held and Bible classes taught but it is difficult to properly instruct all of those who come to Christ before they are contacted by other groups.

Please remember Major Chhirc Taing in Phnom Penh. He has many responsibilities in the Church: Executive Secretary, advisor to other projects, also head of the World Vision child-care programme. His duties as Secretary to the Minister of Defence are also very demanding. Pray that he may soon be reunited with his wife and daughter who are in Edinburgh.

Thank you for continued prayer for the Khmer people and those who work among them. May peace soon come, and the harvest be brought in while the open-door and opportunity exists.

The Cambodian Herald

Cambodian Herald front page

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